Film Editing Sebastian Mez Sound Recording Christoph Hensen Art Direction Anja Wacker Producer Sebastian Mez Cinematography Max Feldmann Sound Design Sebastian Mez Script & Director Sebastian Mez

Running Time 9‘ Source Format HD Master Format DCP / HDCAM / BluRay / Digital Betacam Subtitles german or english

In the heat of the city, two people connected by the past, meet each other in an apartment, Stefan and Susanne. She left Germany overnight to start a new life in America. It wasn`t only an abscondence from her responsibility to her deaf father, it was also an escape from her strong feelings for Stefan, who is dumb. While the city outside is booming, two people are communicating the only way they can – with silence.


International Filmfestival Hof (World Premiere)

International Filmfestival Emden

Audiovisual Black&White Filmfestival Porto/Portugal

Alpinale Shortfilm Festival Voralberg/Austria

Diessen Short Film Festival / Germany

with Simone Geißler / Jens Neumann