Film Editing Sebastian Mez Camera Operator Julia Schlingmann Production Designer Janine Dittmann Art Direction Christoph Arni / Christian Trieloff / Sebastian Mez Producer Christoph Arni Cinematography Christian Trieloff Sound Design Sebastian Mez Director Sebastian Mez

Running Time 9‘ Source Format HD Master Format 35mm 1:2.35 Dolby Stereo / DCP / HDCAM / BluRay / Digital Betacam Subtitles english

It`s his job to clean this special room, an execution chamber at a state prison in the United States. Everytime there is an execution, he has to recover this place as it was before. This experimental short film gives an abnormal view on the death penalty.


Festival dei Popoli Florence/Italy

Exground Filmfestival Wiesbaden/Germany

Human Rights Arts & Filmfestival Melbourne/Australia

Zinebi - International Documentary Filmfestival Bilbao/Spain

FILMZ Festival of German Cinema Mainz/Germany

31es Recontres Henri Langlois/Belgium

Docpoint Helsinki/Finland

7th Human Rights Filmfestival San Sebastian/Spain

German Films Next Generation in Cannes/France

International Filmfestival Emden/Germany

Filmfestival Granada/Spain

Konstanzer Kurzfilmspiele/Germany

Internationales Festival of Cinema Schools Huy/Belgium

Shnit - International Shortfilmfestival/Schwitzerland

Filmfestival Warsaw/Poland

16th Barcelona Independent Filmfestival/Spain

Kerry Filmfestival/Ireland

International Documentary Filmfestival Jihlava/Czech Republic

Skena Up Filmfestival Prostina/Kosovo

Aubagne International Filmfestival/France

8ème Festival international Signes de Nuit

Addis International Filmfestival/Ethiopiea

Fresh Wave Short Film Festival/China

NoemArt Filmfestival/Italy

Molodist Kiev International Filmfestival/Ukraine

Bucharest Experimental Film Festival/Romania

International Bi-annual for School Films in Gammarth/Tunesia

La Boca Del Lobo Festival in Madrid / Spain

Shanghai International Film Festival

Budapest Short Film Festival / Hungary

International Short Film Festival of Cyprus / Cyprus

This Human World Film Festival in Vienna / Austria

Getxo Festival for Diversity and against Discrimination in Getxo / Spain


Gold Mikeldi for best Documentary Film at Bilbao Zinebi 2008

Grand Prix International at Festival International des Ecole de Cinema Belgium 2009